4 comments on “Death Note: Episode 1 – Rebirth

  1. I liked it. Made me realize somethings that I thought were the opposite. For instance, the part about the bullied kid being shown to be a potential bully himself after class. I thought when he said ‘my mom’s never here to pick me up on time’ we were suppose to feel even worse for him.

  2. Please don’t stop writing these ❤ I'm especially excited about your take on Mello's role in the series; possibly the most difficult topic of the analysis.

    • I will say that I’ve read the manga as well and that greatly expands the story of Mello and Near (it’s done in halves as opposed to the Anime’s 2/3 v 1/3 split) and therefore his impact in the series is more thoroughly understood.

      This may be the comment that pushes me to discuss the manga as well.

      • Thanks for the speedy reply! 😀

        Please do so! I don’t see any reason not to!

        I’m a tad bit afraid of reading “spoilers”, having not read the manga. Then again, there should be enough time to familiarize myself with the source material.


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