5 comments on “Response: IGN’s “7 Things the FF7 Remake Needs”

  1. No, ugh turn based is slowly dying out. Sure its still okay from time to time but its largely a niche demographic. Stop with romanticizing the past. Action rpg or actiony are the future.

    • I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m romanticizing the past. But I would still be interested in what one of the most well funded design teams on the planet could do with an old system.

  2. Oh, yeah. This is the review I was looking for.
    I wholeheartedly agree. And if the people at Square Enix have any idea what they are doing, they’ll pull off something like this. I feel like everyone is rushing into doing the newest trend with their IPs for a while now and if they’d just take some time to weigh the major aspects and iron the details, games would be much more satisfying and fun.

  3. Nice article. I believe you share all my same points when it comes to FF7 down to the dot.

    Some things definitely need to be updated, otherwise they would have no work to do and we’d have the same version we’ve been accustomed to for the past 20 years.

    Clearly the most important part is the visuals, people want to see the world and its characters with more detail, to the potential our technology currently allows for. I’m excited to explore this world again to see everything there is to see… no rock left unturned.

    You can’t change the visuals without retouching the audio, as it needs to be balanced.. and while I absolutely love the original songs as heard on the PS1 I know they would feel a little out of place with the rest of the game.

    That being said, I love it when they allow the option to toggle the original sound track or the new one. On every other FF remake I’ve always toggled it back to the classic music as I don’t normally like what they do with the newer versions.

    That might sound a bit mixed.. (they need to update the music, but i’m still going to listen to the old one) Well that’s only because they did a poor job of recreating the music (IMO), almost as if they didn’t know what gave the original songs that certain feeling you just couldn’t describe but you just knew it was the reason that random battles were still not boring after the 10,000th occurrence.

    Speaking of which.. why are so many people afraid of ATB? Where are people getting this idea that its a big snore and it would be way more fun to run around swinging and jumping at your enemy with extremely minimal options? To me action RPG is the big snore, and I hate how FF not to mention countless other RPGs are heading in that direction.

    People seem to be praising FF15 (based on the demo) and its combat like its this super unique and well made machine when honestly, the visuals are nice, but otherwise it is clunky, extremely repetitive and boring. You can experience all the FF15 demo battle system has to offer within like 10 minutes of playing. Yes it will be expanded.. but the options will still be limited. Even with such few options it is already a pain to quickly select the correct skill and use it as you have no list to select from, but rather just have “previous and next”. Sure you might eventually memorize the order of the list, but if the game’s battle system keeps evolving and adding new options, that doesn’t seem like a practical way of handling things.

    FF games have always had a LIST of skills/spells one could pick from, usually with an extremely responsive and accurate menu that practically allowed player input before the menu was even finished loading. This allowed us to quickly select a command and keep the action moving.

    Sorry, I’ve gone on a pretty long rant here, and I still haven’t really gotten to my point.
    FF7’s battle system should absolutely stay ATB, however it can certainly be dressed up a bit. There is no law stating that a Turn based game means our character stand around motionless, that is actually one of the things FF13 actually did right…

    Now don’t get me wrong, FF13 was the start to the biggest disappointment which currently is the FF series. The visuals were nice, sure… but that’s about as far as it goes.

    I think people just don’t want to be standing around for ages while they watch their action unfold, they want to keep making choices, faster. I’m okay with that.

    The reason I bring up FF13’s battle system is because it would be a good place to start, as a technical stand point. It was fast, things happened quickly.. although if you ask me, they happened TOO quickly, to the point where casting your biggest spell turned into a big.. “meh” as you barely got to see what happened.

    However the characters moved around the field a lot, and depending on where they were standing some actions (like attack) would take longer to complete, as the distance from enemy was a factor.
    Even spells had an AoE range, which might not hit all targets if the targets were far enough away.

    This would actually allow for some nice strategy if the game would actually let you control your character’s position and setup things like formations for your party members.
    Anyway.. they could completely strip the rest of FF13’s battle system mechanics right out.

    “Improving” FF7’s Battle System – Not that I think it really needs to be improved, however there seems to be a lot of people who want it to change for some reason.

    We can take FF7’s ATB and mash it in with FF13’s battle engine. (Hell you can even toss in WTB as an option for those that want it)
    The battles would play out largely like they always have in FF7, except now you are in a larger more immersive battle arena with a feeling of movement and aliveness.

    You’d be able to swap between party members if their turns are ready like some past games by hitting Δ. This would whip the camera over to the active player, you would still be given the classic menu which your options, like Attack, Magic, Defend, Item.

    Party members would not act on their own, completing a turn would toss you over to the next ready character, and if there is none, it could perhaps show a nice over view of the battle field… camera control is important though one should know when to zoom in or out or simply have it snap to a new location and angle in an instant.

    Once you do an action, they could perform that action similar to how it worked in FF13, you’re character would have to physically run up to that enemy to strike them, if they use a close range melee weapon, or for the long range, users make sure they have some cool animations to their attacks, not just stand still and shoot.. this also applies to casting magic, make it look interesting, maybe some different animations depending on the tier of spell you are casting.. spells could even take longer to cast depending on their tier, even if it is minuscule. (Fire 1 casts faster than Fire 2)

    This would even open up options for new materia and equipment (faster cast, faster battle movement speed for attacking, etc)

    Spells need to be AWESOME, they need to look and sound the part.. its something the older FF games were really good at doing. When you cast a spell it should be meaning full, it should be ALL EYES ON ME WHILE I DO THIS COOL THING. It doesn’t need to take long, but it should feel powerful.

    It is important to know what all your characters are doing, and what all the enemies are doing, and because of that, I can’t stress enough that the camera be thoughtful about what is happening and make sure to show it to the player so they aren’t missing anything.

    No auto-battle, no A.I. party members.
    Overlapping attacks could keep things feeling faster. For instance, my character’s ATB’s are all full, so I decide to just mash “Attack” with everyone, and on the same target. (Monster A)

    They all move in accordance to the order you selected, say.. Cloud, Cid and Vincent.
    However, if Cloud kills Monster A, then Cid and Vincent might be left with no one to strike, so the game would have to update their actions to attack Monster B instead. I would actually love to see the party members stop in their tracks to see that Cloud dispatched the enemy, and then have them turn around and dash to the next enemy for a strike.

    Hell, the character could even talk to one another in situations such as this stating something like.. “You gotta be faster than that.” , “Hey, I was about to get that one.” or “I got this.” Now.. don’t make them say this stuff EVERYTIME, or it gets annoying. These are just examples, the characters should say something to suit their personality, ever if it just ends up as “Hmpf”.

    Spells could have an effective range, this may mean that the “ALL” materia, could work differently.
    Leveling the ALLmateria could increase effective range of paired materia instead, whether it be cure, or ice, etc. Once you have a master ALL it would target all players or enemies.

    There is great potential for an FF7 remake.. I wish they would re-visit ATB and add changes rather than go a whole different way.

    • What you describe sounds a lot like the FFX-2 battle system. I think you’re right in that a hybrid of old and new and the appropriate aesthetic choices help.

      I think the feel of turn based combat was never a problem, and I feel like the flashiness of XIII overly gloated a simplistic series of hitting the A button. Sure, that’s what animations are for, but over the top action movie aesthetics cheapens the experience of a Final Fantasy game for me.

      People might not feel like that’s realistic, but realism isn’t a pertinent concern of frankly any video game, nor should it be.

      Your response is very long, very detailed, and very appreciated. Thanks for reading.


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