Video Game Archives

This page is a procedural list of every post I’ve written about Video Games. This includes any reviews, news responses, and blogs on my opinions, seperated in that order.


Diablo 3 Review – Published 5/21/2012

(Holy crap I didn’t think there was only one… Plans to move my GameFAQs reviews are in process)


News Responses

EA Claims the All-Digital Future is Near – Published 7/04/2012

New Horror Game (Slender) and Excitement – Published 7/04/2012

Mini-Essay: Innovation and Gaming – 7/09/2012

Peter Molyneux’s “Curiosity” – 7/11/2012

League of Legends Tops Chart of Most Played Games – 7/12/2012

Borderlands Develop surprised that the Borderlands Ideas haven’t been “stolen” – 7/24/2012

AAA Games and the Game Industry – 7/31/2012

NRA and Video Games – 12/21/2012

Dead Space 3 SHOULD be the nail in EA’s Coffin – 1/22/2013

Dead Space 3 Dev “It’s not about the money.” – 1/31/2013

EA claims infinite resource glitch in Dead Space 3 is “Deliberate.” – 2/10/2013

PS4: No You’re Doing it Wrong! – 2/20/2013

My Responses to the SSB (Super Smash Bros.) Newcomers – 6/11/2013

My Response to Microsoft (Xbox One Policies) (VIDEO) – 6/18/2013

ECA Opposition to Federal Research (Into Violence and Video Games) – 8/08/2013



Flash Game “One Chance” – 7/13/2012

Check this guy out (FFIX) – 12/06/2012

Oblivion, Skyrim, and Character Progression – 12/21/2012








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